Digital Photographer Magazine (Issue 210) - Written Feature

It’s been a number of years now since I’ve written a technical feature for a photography magazine, but when Digital Photographer asked me to write a few pages for a creative camera technique in their next issue, I jumped at the chance. Developing camera techniques and writing about them is something that every now and again I actually really enjoy dabbling in. It’s a good excuse to start thinking outside the box and scour the internet for some fresh sources of inspiration.

As with most things in life, keeping things simple is often the best option. So with this in mind I played around with this easy to recreate, but surprising effective, lighting technique for the February readers of the mag to try their hand out. Hopefully they’ll have as much fun shooting it as I did.

Issue 210 of Digital Photographer magazine is on sale now - my image even made it’s place on the front cover, which I was chuffed about. I hope you like it!


Tom CaltonComment