Introducing Blackpoint Media


New Year. New Name. New Opportunities.

In 2013 I decided to take the plunge, quit my job and go it alone in the freelance world. With nothing more than a computer in my spare room and my camera I set to work establishing my new company. I figured that everyone knew me as Tom and they knew that I was a photographer and film maker, so 'Tom Calton Photo & Film' was born - it was the obvious choice.

Fast forward to 2018 and that small start-up is now an established company with it's own office space and it's first full-time addition to the team. The company is no longer just 'Tom Calton', but now it's a team. So after some thought I came to the conclusion that it was about time that the company had a name that reflected it was no longer 'I' - it's now 'we' or 'us'. So on that note, I'd like to be the first to say goodbye to Tom Calton Photo & Film, and hello to Blackpoint Media! It's going to be the start of something very special...


Tom CaltonBlackpoint Media